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Many years ago, there was a little girl named Martha who lived on a family farm on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. For many years she sold her family’s delicious fresh cream from the farm throughout the island. On one extremely cold winter night, she forgot to store her bottles of cream in the barn, and the entire supply froze.

At first, she was sad, and a bit mad, but this quickly turned into genuine excitement when she had the idea of taking the frozen cream and turning it into ice cream. She spent months tinkering and mixing the freshest local ingredients with the tastiest flavors to create the most delicious ice cream.

Time went on and the local islanders had not seen her for a while and rumors spread that she had left the island. But on one hot summer day, she appeared from her farmhouse not with the family farm cream but with ice cream to share!

Word spread quickly and the islanders ran to try her ice cream and after one bite fell madly in love with Martha’s creations. And that is how Mad Martha’s Ice Cream started!


The best things in life are made even better when shared with friends ❤️ 🍦 

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We've got pints of your favorite flavors available in Oak Bluffs, Edgartown, and Vineyard Haven 🍦 

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We've got some pretty sweet views in our shop 😉🍦

Come grab a scoop this weekend, we're open until 10pm! 

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Let us know your favorite ice cream flavor in the comments below 👇 

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Today marks the first day of fall 🍂  and we are still serving up ice cream! 

Stop by any of our locations from 12 - 10pm, we're open every day 🍦 

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Have you ever tried our Mango Tango? 

It's made with all natural mango juice 🥭 and whipped with our very own blueberry ice cream 🫐 

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When was the last time you visited our shop in #OakBluffs? 🍦 

We'll only be open in Oak Bluffs for another few weeks! We close for the season on October 10th, so make sure to stop by for some scoops while you can 😊

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Did you know you can find us at @thecovemv? 

Play a round of mini golf ⛳️ and order a victory scoop of your favorite Mad Martha's Ice Cream flavor 🍦 

Have you tried our cookiewich? You choose the flavor, and we'll add some cookies, baked fresh from @littlehousecafemv! 🍪 

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Aren't chocolate 🍫  and peanut butter 🥜  just an amazing combo? 

If you agree, you should give our Reese's PB Cup ice cream a try! 

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When it comes to #ChocolateIceCream, what's the best topping? 🍦 

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✨ The possibilities are endless in a Mad Martha's Mug ☕️ ✨

It's perfect for enjoying a root beer float, an affogato, or a great big scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor! 🍦 

Mugs and pints of our ice cream are available at our #Edgartown, #VineyardHaven, or #OakBluffs locations. 

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Iced coffee mixed with chocolate ice cream - the perfect pair ❤️

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The kids are back in school, which makes the weekends all the more valuable! Treat the whole family to a scoop this weekend 🍦 

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TGIF! Come celebrate the weekend with your favorite flavor of ice cream! 🍦 

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We're now open from 12-10pm at all locations! 🍦 

Our Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven locations will close for the season on October 10th. Edgartown will remain open until later in the month. 

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Labor Day is pretty sweet! 🍦 

Stop by any of our locations in Edgartown, Vineyard Haven, or Oak Bluffs to grab yourself a well-deserved scoop, or find our pints in stores around the island! 

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