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Many years ago, there was a little girl named Martha who lived on a family farm on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. For many years she sold her family’s delicious fresh cream from the farm throughout the island. On one extremely cold winter night, she forgot to store her bottles of cream in the barn, and the entire supply froze.

At first, she was sad, and a bit mad, but this quickly turned into genuine excitement when she had the idea of taking the frozen cream and turning it into ice cream. She spent months tinkering and mixing the freshest local ingredients with the tastiest flavors to create the most delicious ice cream.

Time went on and the local islanders had not seen her for a while and rumors spread that she had left the island. But on one hot summer day, she appeared from her farmhouse not with the family farm cream but with ice cream to share!

Word spread quickly and the islanders ran to try her ice cream and after one bite fell madly in love with Martha’s creations. And that is how Mad Martha’s Ice Cream started!


Happy SunDAE! 🍨 

When is the last time you treated yourself to a classic banana split with your favorite ice cream? 🍌 

Whether it was years ago or yesterday, you deserve it either way! Stop by any of our locations and order one today, it is Sunday after all! 

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Find us at @thecovemv tomorrow for Music on the Rock #2! 

Join us on Sunday, August 14th from 3pm - 10pm for this family-friendly event featuring music, beer, food, outdoor kids games, mini golf, and ice cream 🍦 ⛳️ 

The event will feature a diverse lineup of talent including two nationally touring bands Lutan Fyah and Dwight and Nicole, along with local acts Luke Stedman, Rose Guerin, DJ Supa Ricky Prime, Darby & the Jelly Horns, Sharp 5, and Workman Song + Siren Mayhew.

Follow @mvsoundfest and click the link in their bio to order your tickets! 

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Start your weekend off the right way by ordering your favorite flavor of ice cream! 🍦 

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POLL: what do you prefer 💙 MINT OREO or MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP? Let us know in the comments below! Also, if you’re looking for the perfect mug to sip your morning coffee from or just eat countless scoops of ice cream from, stop by any of our stores and pick up your own Mad Martha’s Mug! #MintLovers #MarthasVineyard
🌟 Current Flavor of the Week 🌟 

Chocolate 🍫 Fudge Brownie 

Who wants it?

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Even on gloomy days, ice cream has got your back 🌧 ❤️

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Have you checked out our new merch? 

We've got t-shirts, frisbees, onsies, beach towels, totes, and so much more! Find it all in Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, or Vineyard Haven! 

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It can get pretty hot these days while strolling through downtown Edgartown. If you're looking to stay cool, make sure to stop by for some ice cream! 🍦

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Don't miss out on our flavor of the week: Dirty Banana! 🍌 

Inspired by the famous drink at @nancysrestaurant_mv, this tasty banana ice cream is packed with hints of expresso, Irish cream, and rum, all held together with a chocolate swirl! 

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Our ice cream makes a wonderful companion when strolling through Edgartown! 🍦

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Life is sweet 🍦 Treat yourself to some ice cream today! 

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🌟 New flavor of the week! 🌟

Introducing the Dirty Banana - banana ice cream with hints of expresso, Irish cream, and rum, all held together with a chocolate swirl, tastes just like the drink @nancysrestaurant_mv is popular for 🍌 

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It’s 82°F today on island - what flavor ice cream are you cooling down with? Also remember all our locations are air-conditioned, so you’ll be refreshed in no time! #SummerHeatWave #MarthasVineyard
What flavor are you choosing for your next trip? 🍦

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Did you know that our ice cream cart is available for events? 

Here's the scoop: 

🍦 Your choice of 6 ice cream flavors

🍦 Your choice of 8 toppings

🍦 Easy set-up, no power needed

🍦 2 of our staff members will scoop and serve your guests for two tasty hours! 

Give us a call at (508) 631-9053 for pricing and additional info! 

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For hot summer days, what is your ideal ice cream flavor:

🫐 Fruity 
🍫 Chocolatey 
🥜 Nutty 
🌿 Minty 

Whatever your preference, we've got it all, with over twenty flavors and new specials arriving every week! 

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